Services and Fees

All valuation and consultancy services are performed either at the JVC office (appointment only) or in the comfort of your own home or office.
Services are also available via Retail Jewellers in the Warrington area.

JVC carries out valuations for all purposes on jewellery, gemstones, diamonds, watches and silverware, be they antique, period or contemporary. Purposes include: Valuation for Insurance, Probate, Divorce Settlement, Sale Between Parties and Loan Security.

All valuations are carried out in great detail and presented in a thoroughly researched report with photographs. Once completed, JVC spends time with you to explain the report fully to ensure complete understanding of the valuation document.


Valuation Fees

Standard items. These include diamonds up to 1.00ct individual weight:

  • Document: £20. This is a one off fee and includes initial consultation.
  • First item: £60. Subsequent items: £40 each.

Premium items: Complex and high value items or rare items with particular provenance require additional research. These may take a little longer and a fee will be quoted on an invidual basis and in advance, so you will always know how much you are going to pay. Diamonds that have an individual weight exceeding 1.00ct attract an additional cost of £20 per carat.

Home/Office visits: Reasonable travelling costs will be added for personal visits @ £0.45 per mile.
Minimum consultancy fee: £55. No report is produced.
Associated Jewellers: You may take your items into an associated jewellery store, fees as above.


Other Services

Sometimes a report is not required and Rob can provide guidance and advice on repairs, restorations and disposal of unwanted jewellery.

Following the loss or damage of property, most insurance companies require a report detailing the replacement cost of the jewellery. Together with information provided by you, we can prepare a document which will assist your claim.

We can arrange for your precious diamond to be submitted to a respected Diamond Grading Laboratory to have its own Grading Report. We would recommend any diamond over 1.00ct have its own certificate which is completely independent and separate from the valuation. The certificate provides accurate information which can be referred to for authenticity and verification.

In the course of carrying out a valuation, all gemstones are tested to ensure their identity, and undergo microscopic examination to establish whether they are natural or synthetic. On rare occasions a second opinion can be sought from a commercial laboratory to confirm our findings.

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