Below are some frequestly asked questions relating to jewellery valuation. If you have a question that is not handled here, please contact us, we would be delighted answer any of your questions.

Generally the main reasons to have a valuation would be: For your personal records, Proof of Existence, Insurance against Loss or Damage, Probate.
Your Insurance Company usually require a valuation in order to calculate your premium to ensure you have the correct cover. In the unfortunate event of a loss it can show you have a valid claim and speed up the claims process considerably.

We recommend every three to five years as variations in exchange rates, prices of raw materials and supply and demand can have significant effects on the value. We can also examine your items for wear and tear and advise you on how to keep your valuables in top condition.

We can offer a variety of ways to have your jewellery valued: Appointments at Dallam Court, Warrington.
Appointments at an Affiliated Jeweller.
Home or Office visits (Subject to distance and additional cost).
Postal Service using Special Delivery Post.
Delivery and Collection Service.

We now live in a very litigious society but nowadays having longevity in the trade is no longer a good enough foundation to be undertaking valuations. Whoever is preparing your valuation must be suitably qualified and maintaining the highest standards. As recommended by the NAJ (National Association of Jewellers) many leading Insurance companies are insisting valuations are carried out by an MIRV.
Members and Fellows of the Institute of Registered Valuers are fully insured, trained to the highest standards and regularly monitored to ensure standards and consistency.

This information is paramount if we are to provide an accurate valuation. The provenance of an item can often have a bearing on the end value and receipts, reports and certificates generally contain information which can be verified and included as part of your document. If there is a discrepancy we can make you aware and investigate accordingly. Withholding relevant information may render your valuation void so it is in everyone’s interest to provide copies if you have them.

In recent years purchasing a diamond with its own report or certificate has become widely available both on the UK High St, abroad and online. Such stones have been graded loose under strict laboratory conditions which cannot be replicated in an office environment due to external factors. It is therefore important to have sight of the report before making assessments so that we can verify the information and include it as part of the whole document.

Providing an accurate valuation to IRV standards takes years of training, experience and without going into too much detail, considerable investment! Each item is photographed, stones are identified, assessed and weights estimated. Hallmarks and features are noted and if necessary items are thoroughly researched. Comparisons are made and how we reach the value is recorded on a confidential worksheet. Your document is then prepared and bound ready for collection.

If you suspect an error has been made or we have misunderstood your instructions please contact us straightaway. Once we are aware we can fully investigate and rectify the matter to your satisfaction. We are here to provide you with a service and that includes customer care.

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